Selling Process

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Step 1 - Sign Listing Agreement

Our goal is to get you the best price and terms possible based on current market conditions. Call us at 817-714-2633 to get started.

Step 2 - Prepare Home for Sale

The nicer your home looks, the greater appeal it will have to potential home buyers.

Step 3 - Stage to Sell

Declutter, clean-up, and organize. A clean and organized home has greater value in the eyes of the buyer.

Step 4 - Receive & Negotiage Offers

We will present all offers and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and terms possible.

Step 5 - Accept an Offer

Once you have accepted an offer and is executed by all parties, we will be Under Contract and enter the Option Period, if it was part of the contract offer.

It’s time to find your new home and we can certainly represent you.

Step 6 - Allow Buyer Inspections

During the Option Period, the home buyer will do their due diligence, which can include a general inspection, foundation, roof, irrigation system, etc. The buyer may negotiate repairs. The buyer has the option to cancel the contract during the Option Period for any reason.

Step 7 - Wait for Buyer's Mortgage Approval

After the Option Period, the buyer’s lender will process the loan and provide final approval. The lender will order an Appraisal to evaluate the sales price.

Step 8 - Closing Day!

This is the day you sign all the home sale documents at a title company and get the proceeds from the sale of your house.

Move to your new home!

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