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Dina Lima

Broker/Owner | Bilingual Realtor®

Dina Lima is an avid real estate broker and owner of Valencia Properties. 

She is passionate about family and homes. That’s why she enjoys helping families find and live in homes they love because that’s where the magic, the mess, and fun of everyday life happens.

Being a homeowner for over two decades in the beautiful state of Texas, she knows the advantages of home ownership. 

Apart from being an accomplished entrepreneur, her background stems from the IT world where she used her programming skills and earned a Masters in Computer Science from NYIT while working full time. A day after her wedding, she left New York and made Texas her home.

Other accomplishments include home educating her two daughters for ten years, both of whom entered college as sophomores at age sixteen. Dina’s favorite title is Mom and her favorite spot in the world is home.

Detailed, savvy, smart, organized and hard worker, Dina enjoys helping families find and live in homes they love.

Construction Days

Dina Lima began her real estate career as a home builder of energy-efficient homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, leading her own home building company from the boots to the suits.

She built the Savvy Idea Home in 2006 (a partnership with Building Savvy Magazine), earned awards, and made many families happy owning their custom, high-performance, dream home.

Dina also served as a founding builder member of Green Built Texas, an initiative of the Dallas Builders Association that created the building guidelines for energy-efficient construction in north-central Texas.

To date, there are over 27,000 homes registered under the program, which is also searchable in the Multiple Listing Service system used by thousands of Realtors.

Fun Facts

Valencia means “valor” or “strength”.  Founded as a Roman colony under the name Valentia Edetanorum in 138 BC, Valencia is one of the oldest and third largest cities in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The famous Paella dish was born in Valencia.

Dina Lima, broker/owner of Valencia Properties, named the company in honor of her Hispanic heritage. Dina takes her Latino strength, friendly, and community approach into her business and client relationships.

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