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It depends on your situation. If you’re ready upsize, downsize, right-size or cash in on the sale of your house, we’re here to help.  Call us at 817-714-2633 to get started.

iBuyers are large companies that promise to buy properties faster than the traditional route. However, all this convenience comes at a price. Selling to an iBuyer means lower profits than selling with a real estate professional who is your advocate, helps you get top dollar, and negotiates the best offer.

You can certainly try selling your house on your own. However, as real estate professionals, we have specialized training and access to exclusive data to help you price your house properly, ensure a faster sale, and sell your house for top dollar.

Call us at 817-714-2633 to answer all your questions. At Valencia Properties, we put our clients’ interests first. There is a myriad of details in the sale of a home and we will coach you every step of the process.

Work With Us

We coach our clients. Our goal is to make your experience with us positive, simple, and easy. Selling your home is probably one of the greatest and emotional decisions you’ll ever make, and we take it very seriously. We will have your back and will work hard to help you get top dollar for your home, and help you move forward to the next season of your life.

From the moment you begin thinking about selling. Call us at 817-714-2633 to get started.

Selling Process

Step 1:  Hire us to represent your best interest; Call us at 817-714-2633 to get started

Step 2:  Get the house ready for the market and stage to sell; start packing

Step 3:  Receive and review offers

Step 4:  Accept an offer and get the property under contract

Step 5:  Allow buyer to do inspections during the option period; negotiate repairs, if any; wait for the lender to give the final approval

Step 6:  Let us help you find your next home

Step 7:  Close on the sale of your home

Step 8:  Move into your new home

We will do a customized assessment specific to your house including staging tips to highlight the best features and attract as many qualified buyers as possible.

Step 1:  We will enter the Option Period

Step 2:  Buyer will order inspections and negotiate repairs, if any

Step 3:  Lender will process the loan and give a final approval; continue packing

Step 4:  We will close on the sale of your house

Step 5:  You will move into your new home

Buyers may choose to pay an Option Fee to buy the right to cancel the contract during the Option Period for any reason and get their earnest money deposit back.

The Option Period is the number of days agreed upon between the buyer and seller during which the buyer may choose to do a home inspection and decide to proceed with the purchase.

The buyer may cancel the contract during the Option Period for any reason and get the earnest money deposit back but lose the option fee and any inspections paid.

DURING the Option Period:

Buyers pay an Option Fee to perform their due diligence during the Option Period. During this period the buyer can cancel the contract for any reason.

AFTER the Option Period:

A buyer can cancel the contract after the Option Period only if their financing falls through.



At Valencia Properties we will provide you with a detailed report of comparable homes sold in your area and additional information to help determine the value of your house.

Pricing your house high can result in a delayed sale and cause the house to sit longer on the market. At Valencia Properties we arm you with information to help you price the house right for a faster sale.

If your house does not appraise for at least the sale price, buyers will most likely re-negotiate the sale price.

If the buyer’s financing falls through, they may be eligible to receive their earnest money deposit back and cancel the purchase contract.

Selling Costs

Closing costs can include:

  • Cost of repairs and home staging
  • Real estate brokerage compensation fees
  • Title Policy, whatever was negotiated with the buyer
  • Title company administrative fees
  • Property Survey, whatever was negotiated with the buyer
  • Residential Service Contract, whatever was negotiated with the buyer
  • Seller concessions, whatever was negotiated with the buyer
  • Property Taxes from January 1 up to the date of closing


Bring your driver’s license or another form of identification. Once the loan is funded, Title will disburse funds to all parties. Contact Title to give your bank information for electronic transfer of your proceeds.

Cancel utilities and other services at least ONE week prior to closing and to terminate on closing day.

Schedule your movers at least TWO weeks prior to closing.

Your Next Home

Once your house is past the Option Period and enters a Pending status, it is time to look for your new home. We’ll be happy to help you find your next home.

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